Below you'll find a few projects that I'm working on. They will either be Drupal modules, Rails applications, or some JavaScript thing that tries to use new HTML5 APIs.

I just started porting the XML Sitemap module to Backdrop. Only four commits in so far, but it works for me for a basic sitemap. 

This is a repo for an app I hope to build that focuses on the process of taking a sabbatical. A sabbatical can be what you want it to be, but for my purposes, it involves self-guided professional development and travel. The initial iteration of this application will focus on providing a productivity boost to the realization of those two goals.

This is the module I use on this site to pull in my tweets. I wanted to learn Drupal 8 so I didn't try to look for any community module for this functionality. You can use your @username to pull in a specified number of tweets and display them in a block.