I've been working with websites for a few years now, but my storied past also includes exploits into the study of psychology and working for non-profits. You can find out more about that history by visiting my LinkedIn profile.

Currently, I work for the University of Colorado developing a web platform, called Web Express, that is available to all departments and faculty. It is built on the Drupal Content Management System, and I work on the backend code developing new features as well as improving our testing infrastructure. I also do some contract work on the side and am always willing to discuss meeting any needs you may have.  

Outside of web development, I enjoy playing several instruments in an attempt to make passable pop music, being best at the drums. I also love hiking, camping, and traveling around this wonderful blue sphere of ours. My dream is to travel the world while working remotely, and I pray to the Internet Jesus daily hoping my prayer will be answered tomorrow.